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About my Feces Cleanup Services

I'm Eddie Evans and I offer my feces cleanup service to most of San Diego County residents and businesses. His business includes cleaning up after intentional and unfortunate mishaps related to the homeless population in San Diego County.

I prefer to begin work at or before sunrise whenever possible. When I must be on site for feces cleanup after 7 AM, I find a place to hang out in Napa read a book.

Traffic congestion accounts for my preference for early-morning work. When I can get in and out of San Diego County cities before sunrise, I stand a chance of getting home without hitting the so-called "soiling green" traffic. It's no different in Los Angeles County or even Santa Barbara these days. The cities all have their homeless issues that includes feces cleanup as well as blood cleanup. Sometimes the homeless commit suicide in the suicide cleanup work goes to corner employee preferred companies. This is called "cronyism." Cronyism is like when a government employee does business with a private company for their own enrichment. No it's not legal and is not ethical but it's the way it's done., It's a big ugly swamp.
















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San Diego County remained home to Native Americans for well over 1000 years. When the Spanish explorers came into the area they found habitat for long-term survival. They found a population they could mold to fit their plan for a new society on a new continent. They carried forth their art, religion, philosophy, science, and social affairs. They also brought the conditions for homelessness, urbanization. And they found a population of people who could not become "homeless" and they are a population that is not current concern themselves with feces cleanup overall. And they found a population of people who could not become "homeless" and they are a population that is not current concern themselves with feces cleanup overall.

Whether by misstep, chance, design, or choice, people lose their homes, their dwelling place, And in the process they become a social and public hygiene problem because they have no place to defecate. As a result feces cleanup becomes a cumbersome, troublesome, and expensive process.. Some lose their house some lose their apartment some lose their jobs some lose their friends and families. Economic downturns, changing technologies, changing job markets, changing families, the loss of a loved one in shared economic resources, and other matters help to account for homelessness sometimes it's a lifestyle involving drugs and alcohol that leads to homelessness. Sometimes it's injury. Whatever the cause, San Diego County has a homeless problem.

Usually we consider ourselves homeless when we have no permanent dwelling place. Without a house or an apartment or even a tiny shed, when we cannot find a regular and safe place to call our own we are homeless. A legal definition of homelessness will differ by country or even by region. Some people do find shelter and charities for short period time. Some people find temporary homes in cardboard boxes as well as tents along city streets. But we still consider these people homeless.

Some of us would choose the call our self "at home" living in a tent on a city street because we have our tent. When we are truly homeless we can sense it. We know that we have no place to call her on; we know too that in a job search we have no address to write in our whereabouts for prospective employers.

By 2005 the world saw 100 million homeless. At least 1 billion live as squatters or part-time refugees migrating around the globe. Most often it's men who fill the title of "homeless" and they account for roughly 50 to 80% of the homeless. Entire families are homeless at times, though.

It doesn't take much imagination to understand the feces cleanup issues involved in a homeless population worldwide when the numbers reach over 100 million. It's not only a matter of unsightly nests in finding a place to step, it's a matter of public hygiene. Human feces is full of pathogens and these pathogens grow at times as diseases spread around the world with global warming. San Diego County is no different than any other place in the world. It has homeless and has feces on streets, behind bushes, within alleys, and all sorts of places.

.San Diego County

Located in the southwestern corner of California, my 2010 the state had over 3 million residents. As California's second most populous county it ranks as number five in the United States. It has the eighth most populous area in the United States. A beautiful County by any measure, with its Mediterranean-like climate, San Diego County shares both mountains and coastlines. San Diego County even as deserts.

As a Navy town we will find sailors and Marines throughout the county.


It's because of their irregular diet and hit and miss eating habits that cause the homeless population to suffer from bouts of diarrhea. They also pass semisolid feces whereas populations in stable homes tend to eat more regularly and a better diet. These ideas are not the sort of thing that most people consider and not even scientist, generally. We do know that bacteria in the large intestine breaks down food.

We know to that feces comes out the anus or cloaca when we defecate.

Various orders emanating from feces occurs because of bacterial growth. What we call "gut flora" means we have plantlike bacteria breaking down our food during the digestion process. We also have compounds at work as a result of these gut flora and we call these "indole," "skatole," and "thiols." These gut flora account for the sulfer light orders we experience in public restrooms. Not until the turn of the century did we begin to find well ventilated public restrooms, even in restaurants and hospitals. And some truck stops across the country refined large restrooms for truck drivers to enjoy adequate ventilation for their convenience. With white entrances to these restrooms there's plenty of ventilation coming and going from building circulation systems. As a result the sulfur like orders rarely emanate throughout the entire restaurant, but they do in some cases managed to persist in some areas momentarily.

I mentioned truck stops because truck drivers have irregular diets. The drive for a great number of hours at any one time and remain within their small sleeping quarters within the truck cabins. Their food consumption often consist of spices and we know that spices are rarely digested in full. This adds to the odor of feces.

It's been hypothesized that these bad orders have a natural selection key at work. The ideas that the offensive odor works as a deterrent to human touch and or consumption of feces. This becomes important for population surviving on the edge of starvation. So the human order perception differs from other animals perception of human feces, animals that readily become attracted to these odors. Is it any wonder that combat infantry units use combat dogs to sniff out their enemy?


About Us

I'm Eddie Evans and I've been in the infectious waste cleanup business for 17 years. I worked in and around San Diego County this entire period of time. I offer feces cleanup services and often these services go to businesses in need of feces cleanup because of homeless deposits around their business buildings. I charge a minimum $250 service charge and this comes with the first hour of labor.

However, I should note that when feces cleanup involves removing solid waste in addition to the feces, then I must charge an additional fee for disposal costs.

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