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San Diego County Feces Cleanup Information

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$250 - Single Issues - - Call


CASH - Negotiable at times depending on distance, time - -

I also do   San Diego County toilet cleanup for toilets filled with feces.

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San Diego County Feces Cleanup Information

I provide the following San Diego County :

  • Work alone and save you money -
  • Bag and remove feces from premises
  • Scrub, Rinse, Disinfect -

Eddie Evans

I charge $40 per hour after the first 60 minutes of labor. At times this me becomes negotiable depending on circumstances. Circumstances depend upon the type of work, distance to the work, time of day, supplies and equipment required, and unforeseen events.

Most of my feces cleanup tasks involve a one-time occurrence. These most often involve loss of bowel control by elderly people, especially during the morning hours. Sometimes patients suffering from liver illnesses will lose total control and defecate uncontrollably. In the worst of circumstances they panic and move about their home as they litter the floor with their human feces. In such cases feces cleanup will take some time because feces dries out becomes encrusted. Feces, like blood, as a cascading effect when drawing. This means that at the molecular level, feces sells tend to take on the character of a tortoiseshell. They tend to bond to one another. This is a situation that becomes much like blood cleanup at times.

Feces cleanup on a laminate floor may take more time than feces cleanup on a ceramic floor. This is because the feces finds its way into very tiny crevices in the laminate. Whereas the nonporous surface of ceramic does not allow for feces to become tightly bonded to its surface.

A number of my San Diego County calls involved homeless encampments in which numerous piles of human feces littered the ground. In San Diego County public areas I'm not asked to provide my service. It's in those San Diego County private property situations that private companies need help with their feces cleanup requirements.

It happens that storage facilities will sometimes suffer soiling by human feces when their own clients decide to defecating corners. This occurs because storage services often do not include public rest rooms for their clients.


Feces Anonymity

Because of cultural taboos and our family upbringing, many of us prefer not to look at let alone analyze our own feces. Of course doctors prefer that we do so we can notice irregularities as they occur. In ancient China, for example, Chinese emperors feces was closely inspected by their doctors. Doctors would then argue amongst themselves over the shape, color, and fragments of their emperors feces. In this way they hope to surmise the Emperor's health. And other societies as an agent during the ferrules time similar approaches to the leaders feces

So from these observations we find history gives us an idea of why I received telephone calls for my feces cleanup business. People simply do not want to deal with it. They've been trained not to accept it as a fact of life. Of course most of us prefer that we do not find feces where does not belong. In fact, that's how we get a definition for "dirt." Dirt is anything that's out of place. And feces not in a toilet once defecated is out of place for certain.

Basically, when it comes to feces, we have cultural taboos related to the placement of feces. Some of these taboos may have historical origins. This I discussed and "ruling class feces cleanup" and the adjoining column.

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Teaching Feces Awareness

We know from our own experiences in grade school that some of our peers were ridiculed because they pooped in their pants. Some of us enter the school system before we fully develop control over our bowels. As a result, long days in the classroom, overexertion on the playgrounds, and those long bus rides to and from school lead to feces soiled underclothes. When this occurs we know that ridicule follows the offending cooper. A stigma may follow for a short while, and in the worst of cases such stigmas become part of a ongoing ritual designed to taunt certain individuals throughout their school careers.

San Diego County schools suffer some vandalism from time to time that requires feces cleanup by school custodians. These janitors find restaurants with smear walls as well as smeared bathroom cubicle and toilet coverings. For some reason we are not fully aware of at the moment, some boys take it upon themselves to viciously smear their own feces wherever they can. There some sort of Freudian complex we might suspect. But scientifically speaking we have no certain cause. It is the case that in some San Diego County business environments, certain discharge employees will defecate on company grounds.

In this way they hope to get back at their former employers and the only way they can at the moment. This calls for species cleanup and most employees will not do feces cleanup. At one time janitorial staff were asked to take care of feces cleanup within a corporations building or on its grounds. But since many companies no longer keep full-time janitorial staff on their payroll, they must look elsewhere for help. Made services do not do feces cleanup for San Diego County. Biohazard cleanup companies like my own will do feces cleanup in San Diego County, but they will not do it at an affordable price.

Tens of thousands of school children become targets of ridicule because their elimination organs fail them at the wrong time and place? It's Murphy's Law at work for so many of us before we hear about Murphy's work into the mysteries of our universe.

Simply adding feces awareness to our San Diego County early school training and education would go a long way toward increasing our own biological knowledge. Think of the ridicule so many San Diego County children could easily forgo.

We all have a vested interest in a daily inspection of our feces; not under a microscope, but at least a momentary glance, peek-a-poo, or a "Just checking in" type peek. By the way, how much of our paranoia do we owe to a feeling of being watched in our toilet behavior?

So it turns out that we need a personal interest in our own feces to raise our awareness of health indicators. Our feces tells us about our internal environment and the value of the food we eat.

We need to know from early on in life that feces belongs to the human condition. (return) We all feces everyday when healthy. In fact, people who feces one, two, three, and even four times a day are often more healthy than those of us with a meat-eating diet. Vegetarians living on fruits frequently feces throughout their days as they "graze" on fruits and veg a tables. One would think they'd get tired of feces Whereas heavy meat eaters are sometimes lucky to feces every other day.


Medical science tells us that feces may be "sick" or "healthy." Some unfortunate humans suffer sick feces to the degree that they require a transplant of healthy feces. I as it may seem, these transplants save lives. What happens is that stomach has its own complex ecological system. Most likely, anyone human stomach as a ecological system as complex as that stomachs external environment. At least this may be the case in urban environments like large San Diego County.

When a person becomes very ill their stomach may suffer. As a result there bacteria load becomes less diverse. Diversity is key to a healthy ecosystem. The more homogenize an ecological system, the less healthy it becomes in terms of recovery from assaults. We can imagine how a stomach stressed for long periods of time by intensive attacks from outside by poisonous substances (poisonous to the bacteria is for breaking down food) leads to poor feces help. Tens of millions of bacteria break down and no longer help us digest our food.

As a result we must have healthy feces implanted. Healthy feces will contain roughly 75% water. About 25% will contain materials including tens of millions of friendly bacteria.

We are told to eat serial with heavy fiber. I assume this recommendation follows from the logic, fiber helps pass soft matter from the stomachs contents. Fibers breakdown during digestion. A gel like substance follows, but it must have enough liquid to pass on. When it becomes too soft to becomes diarrhea. When it becomes too hard it becomes like passing a brick. So we seek a consistent type of contents with a structure that allows us to digest and defecate without undue pain or restriction.

Problem foods include carrots. Foods like carrots need to be chewed well or digestion will take a long time. Some foods have too little fiber and become lodged in the stomach. If you are at all like me you enjoyed Mexican food, especially burritos. The beauty of burritos is that he can be bodice fast food on many San Diego corners. They can also be carried in one hand and driving, not to recommend driving with one hand. On the flip side, lower consist of insoluble materials like corn. Corn takes time to digest and may lead to constipation.

With these ideas in mind, we begin to understand why important to remain aware of our feces of parents and odors. Although we don't have court medical advisors to help us analyze our feces, paying attention to what has passed for Mark digestive tract may help us stay on top of developing problems.

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Composition of Human Feces

But of course if you're anything like this writer, you're probably too busy to even think about these natural processes for long. It seems that when things are going right we don't even recognize what's going on around us. Is it any wonder that we become sick and don't even recognize we have sick feces?

Many people make a point of eating leafy vegetables. My wife is one of these people are has to have a salad every single night. She makes her own salad prefers to. I will admit that the salad she does make are much better than those I can buy. In fact, I think I will go out and buy salad this afternoon. When we have those jet black fecal matter discharges we are to become concerned.

What could be mixed up in our stool, and in this case are feces becomes known as biohazardous feces. This is true of any type of fecal matter with blood in it. When bleeding occurs in the gastrointestinal tract we need to get to a doctor quickly. San Diego County's hospital have what we hope will at least show us our problem.

Jet black stools tell us soon enough. We're sick. Those solid, brick-like passings ripping at our rectums tell us we live a dehydrated life-style. Blood sometimes follows and often enough infuses such feces. Worse, such stools may mask intestinal bleeding and more than simple dehydration. Drink water and a cure arrives many times.


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Metabolic Waste

Like capitalism, we must grow or die. So it should be no surprise that healthy foods help us to grow while poor foods inhibit our growth. By "growth" I don't mean to grow in weight, but you grow new cells that are always dying off. Healthy foods also provide us with what we need for energy on a sustained basis.

Unhealthy foods like coffee and sugar give us energy for a short period of time, but this energy is not sustainable for long periods of time. This accounts for obesity. Although sugar gives us energy for a short while and adds calories to our diet, the synergy does not last long. So we need to provide our metabolism with healthy foods that give us energy for prolonged periods of time while allowing for regrowth of important tissues and cellular materials.

In human metabolism consist of the stomach and intestines that gives structure to the chemical factory responsible for breaking down our food. Not only does metabolism include breaking down food, it includes extracting food nutrients. This means that nutrients from food pay a "bang for the buck" type of economy. This means that some foods have greater nutritional value than others. So a healthy food with good nutrition allows for extraction of greater quantities for providing growth and energy.

The word feces comes from the Latin "dregs." Past generations would use the term "dregs" as in "societies dregs." Although we do not use it today in most social circles, we do find its use in historical films. It means people were less than honorable. We can see the Association then between "dregs" as a type of personality over against feces as a type of offensive substance.

The term stool carries the greatest acceptability because our medical practitioners use it. Most often it carries very little negative connotation for a San Diego County feces cleanup. We must have a "stool sample" once a year to keep track of our feces health. And our medical system will remind us of this fact when the time arrives for that yearly checkup. All this as a result of the computer by the way.



Human feces cleanup sometimes involves diarrhea cleanup. Diarrhea post tens of millions of infectious microorganisms that include germs no one as bacteria and viruses. Human feces carries over 6000 known viruses. At this time science tells us that the viruses are universal to the human species. This means that these viruses belong to all of us. These are not unique feces viruses.

Unlike feces viruses and humans, feces viruses and the human mouth may include unique viruses. This means that these unique viruses belong in one mouth in the universe, and it means know whether mouth in the universe carries these viruses. This unique virus found in any one mouth on earth will cease to exist in the universe once the mouth can no longer host the virus. Put another way, each and every one of us has oral viruses unique to ourselves and no one else. The point, both the mouth and heinous discharge horrendous viruses into the environment.

And death diarrhea may proceed the last moments. These days with so many baby boomers dine unattended –, we find that unattended death cleanup includes diarrhea cleanup in many instances throughout San Diego County. This type of feces cleanup as serious bile hazards to deal with. It is best to remove the offending source materials, scrub, rents, and then disinfect the area with a strong bleach and water solution.



When it comes to my expenses for feces cleanup, I keep in mind that Chula Vista is much farther than Carlsbad. Even though these two cities are far apart, they both receive the same service fee considerations for feces cleanup. These feces cleanup considerations become important as my workday drags on and my feces cleanup material waste increases.

For example, a Coronado feces cleanup job entailed 300 pound of pigeon feces removal. That's a lot of feces cleanup work for one day. Feces cleanup requires shovels, brooms, and bags to hold the feces. Feces cleanup gets expensive at such times, too. Then there's the Del Mar feces cleanup job that removed 40 pounds of human feces. Although not as heavy as an El Cajon feces cleanup job the following day, human feces cleanup is the worse type of feces cleanup.

I once removed feces from an unattended death cleanup job in Encinitas. The decedent's family was poor. So I did not charge for the feces cleanup, only the unattended death cleanup. I should have charged for the feces cleanup because human feces littered the premises. People lose control of the bowels as they grow sicker and older at times; we know it's the same for San Diego County feces cleanup related problems..

I found a similar condition in Escondido. There feces cleanup entailed diarrhea cleanup and not an unattended death cleanup. A When it comes to San Diego County overall, the incidence of feces cleanup calls for diarrhea remain low. I suppose it has something to do with the youthful military in San Diego at any one time.

Two Feces cleanup jobs in Imperial Beach at the same home came within days of one another. The family had the need and the discretionary income, so I offered my feces cleanup services to serve their feces cleanup needs.
La Mesa
Lemon Grove
National City

Chula Vista
San Marcos
Solana Beach



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Curing Deadly Diarrhea

Diarrhea for most of us turns out as an inconvenient annoyance. If it doesn't shut us down for a day, it at least slows us down.

Science helps to explain why diarrhea becomes deadly rather than a mere nuisance. Science researchers show that each of us carries friendly and unfriendly bacteria in our guts. C. difficile. receives credit as the most common cause of deadly diarrhea. Every day hundreds of people die because of C. difficile's rapid growth in stomachers. Sociologists report the number of dead exceeds 500,000 each year. Mostly young children in third-world nations succumb to diarrhea caused by C. difficile. Feces cleanup has its hazards. But, it can and does happen in San Diego County.

Our bodies fight back by producing defenses. Against C. difficile's rapid growth our bodies produce friendly bacteria. Given a favorable environment internally and externally, we recover. Left unchecked, diarrhea control our internal environments. Inflammation rises with diarrhea. Cell death increases. Severe gas increases pressure against our stomach's walls. Pain from gas pressure become unbearable. Dehydration and kidney failure follow as acidic and toxic fluids eat holes in our intestines.

Stomach flora consisting of toy-like cellular structures may counteract these conditions when given aid. Medical science tells us that a "super-probiotic" stool substitute created from another's healthy feces creates a healing, injection flora of microorganisms.

Now, we have a lead on controlling these conditions by increasing stomach flora, friendly feces bacteria, with toy-like structures. The size of microorganisms, medical researchers designed. Robo-gut to create a ‘super-probiotic’ stool substitute.


Ruling Class Feces Cleanup

I do not mean to imply cleaning up after the Savings and Loan scandals of the 70's, the $500 billion tax payer bailout; I'm not referring to the $24 trillion tax payer Wall Street bailout of 2008, either.

I'm referring to real ruling class feces cleanup, for them, not by them. History tells us that chamber pots were in use as early as the 6th century BC. Most likely those lower on the food chain were tasked with burying cave dwellers' feces. Social stratification had yet to develop into a genuine class society -- a ruling class with slave class and more. We know from Shakespeare and others that chambermaids were close to their ruling class leaders because they were in charge of feces cleanup.

Their main task required keeping chamber pots clean and odor free. Failing at this task, even once, probably lead to unemployment. Castle staff knew they were close to the bread winners of their land. They knew too that royal feces placed bread on the maids family table.

As the story goes, disposing of this unseeming solid waste often created huge puddles and stacks of offensive feces piles. Before long, especially in wet and moist weather, mud and feces combined. Chambermaid's shows were soaked with this cake-like combination of feces and mud. In creative style, maid's shows began to sprout higher heels to help breach the growing piles of royal shit.

Today, as our marketing gurus would have it (Edward Bern ay for one), one-time feces cleanup shoes became today's most fashionable shoe ware. That's marketing at its best!Besides, the introduction of indoor toilets displaced chamber pots. By the end of the 19th century these pots served in hospitals and sick beds in most cases. Toilets became the most common means of feces cleanup in the western world.

Chamber pots continue in use today in countries lacking indoor plumbing like rural areas of China, and have been redesigned as the bedpan for use with the very ill. Used in the "Public Hospital for Persons of Insane and Disordered Minds"In North America and the UK, the term "potty" is often used when discussing the toilet with small children, such as during potty training.

It is also usually used to refer to the small, toilet-shaped devices made especially for potty training, which are similar to chamber pots. These "potties" are generally a large plastic bowl with an ergonomically-designed back and front to protect against splashes. They may have a built-in handle or grasp at the back to allow emptying and a non-slip bottom to prevent the child from sliding while in use.

Some are given bright colors, and others feature some gentle or inoffensive drawing or cartoon character. In many cases they are used since it is difficult for children to maneuver themselves up onto the normal toilet; in addition the larger opening in the regular toilet is much too large for a child to sit over comfortably and not fall in without some type of aid. Their size means they can be packed away in a bag for days out or when camping with young children, and can be placed near or under beds for sufferers of nocturia or some other form of incontinence.


San Diego County Feces Cleanup Fees

Like any other free enterprise business, my feces cleanup business reflects the cost of doing business. Internet marketing costs thousands of dollars every year. Vehicles cost money. Insurance for vehicles and business insurance cost thousands of dollars. Then there's the maintenance, gas, oil changes, tires, and more.

While some clients do resent my feces cleanup prices, they do not resent my service. When they ask, "Why do you charge so much?", I remind them of the odors and visual offense human feces creates. In face, human feces cleanup most often offends this feces cleanup practitioner more than any other animal feces cleanup. Bird, canine, and feline feces cleanup does not come close to the offensive nature of human feces.

So, sometimes I ask, "How much would you charge for the same service?". Of course this rhetorical question sometimes causes hostility. They could easily have cleaned up the own feces, but turned to me. So, this retort follows the "How can you?" and "Why do you charge so much?" questions.

These questions bring to mind that feces cleanup came as an "add-on" to my other businesses. I am known as a "biohazard cleanup practitioner." So feces cleanup as an add-on was simple enough. In the biohazard business the Sheriff-Coroner employees steal my work. They direct victims families away from the Internet and telephone books.

So adding feces cleanup became a necessity for a guy that wants a business in cleaning. Besides, feces cleanup has its unseen benefits. I get paid in cash. There's nothing bad about cash payment for feces cleanup. Besides, I know a bit of biology and feces has a biological place in our world. So feces cleanup work has no ego problems for me.

While visiting others in the hospital I sometimes wonder how doctors and nurses tolerate the odors and the scene. I'm a biohazard cleanup practitioner and the idea of changing an infant's diapers remains repulsive to me; yet, I can cleanup feces anywhere in San Diego County, but for someone's bottom. I know that one becomes less concerned with the odors and scenes and noises of feces cleanup as time passes. But diapers? Yes, I'm a strange character in some ways. I don't change diapers because I have had no cause to do so. I do not regret it. I do have a homeless page for San Diego County homeless feces cleanup.



My San Diego County feces cleanup fee has a $250 service charge. This includes the first 60 minutes of labor. Thereafter I charge depending upon working conditions. At times I will work longer for the feces service charge amount. It depends upon conditions. Usually I ask for about $40 per hour for feces cleanup when I know I'm going to go well over one hour. It's hard to say until I see what's going on.

Some San Diego County residents and business owners will be surprised to know that some people do fill toilets completely full of human feces. This often occurs when a home is been invaded by the homeless and they become squatters. It happens in cases of drug abuse and/or mental illness is the result of organic problems as well as alcohol and drug abuse. It's not so far beyond belief to understand that some San Diego County schizophrenics will sometimes totally fellow toilet. On one San Diego County job I was required to remove human feces that filled a toilet and then remove human feces from the same residence bathtub.

As you can imagine this is a quite  expensive process. I call this service "toilet feces clean out" or "bathtub feces clean out."I charge $350 for a toilet feces clean out. A bathtub feces clean out can cost anywhere from $10 to $950 depending on the circumstances. I cannot judge the cost until I'm on the premises. Suffice it to say, if I do a toilet clean out and I may be obliged to do a small amount of feces clean up from a bathtub for $10, but this is in very minor soiling cases.

Homeless Cleanup