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Prices for Riverside County

Feces cleanup businesses must survive in a world of competition.

Emergency feces cleanup: I receive $250 for same-day feces cleanup work. I include the first hour of labor in this price. When I know that I'm going to complete the entire job within a short time after the first hour, I stick to the original price; otherwise, I alert my feces cleanup customer to the situation. Generally, I complete work within one hour; I have no real interest in extending feces cleanup work beyond one hour. In effect, the sooner I'm done the better.

Please understand, too, if I complete work in minutes, this does not mean that a reduction in my fee will follow; it does not mean that I will continue working at some other task to work "an hour." Some people misinterpret my meaning when I write or say, "Up to one hour of labor included with my Riverside County service fee."

Some times a feces cleanup customer needs someone to do the "heavy lifting" to reach that point when they can take over. This type of feces cleanup arrangement suits me just fine. And it saves my Riverside County customers money.

I can work over one hour in charge for the additional time. Generally, I will work up to one hour and then possibly another 15 to 20 minutes and not charge more for the feces cleanup service. However, when it looks like I cannot completed job with an additional 10, 15, or even 20 more minutes longer, I will need to charge an additional $40-$60 more per hour. I prefer not to work beyond the now or in any case. In situations where there are very large feces cleanup task, I hire myself out by the day. Most often I will have already charge my $250 service charge. And then I will begin charging by the hour on following days. But you cannot count on a $40 per hour feces cleanup charge because of conditions.

When I take a break or two, I make up the time. I work at a steady rate and not a real fast rate. This type of deep cleaning requires physical stamina as well as upper body strength. As a result, it does not take long to develop "cleaners flu" from burning too much lactose and not having enough lactose in the bloodstream and muscles. So I try to pace my work and avoid tiring.

I know enough to alter my task from time to time so as not to overuse any one set of muscles. In this way I work to save my muscle strength by relaxing groups of muscles and using new groups. Over a period of six hours there's quite a bit of cleaning and physical effort taking place. As a result, any efforts after six hours begin to diminish my effectiveness. After all, feces cleanup requires deep cleaning.

Anyone who has hired a Riverside County carpet cleaning company in the morning and then at another time hired a carpet cleaning company in the evening, knows that carpet cleaners in the morning are much more physically active and have more strength for cleaning than those cleaning in the evening. It's because they've worn out early in the day; I used to clean carpets and continue to partially clean carpets during some types of feces cleanup. I know these things from my Los Angeles cleaning experience.

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What sort of circumstances can change for flat rates for Riverside County?

Sometimes a Riverside County feces cleanup job is much too large to complete in one day and even two or three days. My largest feces cleanup work required three weeks. For this job I bid a flat rate for the entire feces cleanup. Sometimes a Riverside County toilet feces cleanout is required.

I actually prefer flat rates for Riverside County cleanup work, but not everybody is open to this idea. In those cases where greater quantities of feces cleanup work lies ahead, most customers prefer my flat rates.

In these large Riverside County feces cleanup jobs, I pace myself over days instead of hours. I take longer breaks, have meals, clean up from time to time, and even work during the evening hours and early morning hours.

I've worked at feces cleanup in California, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico in all types of weather. I've worked at feces cleanup on mountain tops in homes without electricity or water, homes that were vacant and awaiting escrow instructions. I've worked at feces cleanup in high deserts in New Mexico while cleaning within Haunta virus habitats. I've cleaned in 100 degree plus heat in Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona's super hot summers. Early morning hours sometimes provides the only hours for feces cleanup.

One Day Notice for Riverside County

I'm reluctant to provide same-day service because of traffic in Riverside County and elsewhere. Give me at least 24 hours time, and I offer many areas of Riverside County a $40 per hour rate for up to six hours. This means after six hours of my labor you will pay me $240 cash. This is not much money for a professional cleaner and comes in well below that of a carpet cleaner or the maid services. The major maid services charge $60-$80 per hour for two maids and they do not do this type of infectious waste cleaning.

Feces cleanup competitors also have infections waste, biohazard cleanup related business expenses. What these odors, I must pay for biohazard insurance, vehicle insurance, vehicle overhead, tools, equipment, planning solutions, and of course the other miscellaneous items like tires and downswing. Of course those mechanical issues that arise from time to time for my vehicles really set back my my profits each year.

This is cleanup business owners must work like any other business owner. Like any business owner I miss cover expenses for standard business, expenses for current work, and those projected expenses required to work into the future. Plus, I must set some profit aside from each Riverside County feces cleanup job.

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I do not require email. Then an email from you to me with your name, address, telephone number, your situation if you can explain it, and the price that you expect to pay for my services, will create a contract when I replied to your email. In this way your protected and unprotected. Since I guarantee my work, you would like to have a copy of what you expect and what I write in reply. This you can use either toward the end of my work or at the end of my work. You can also call me back and point out the discrepancies between my work and what's an email.

When I have completed work and reached my computer again, I'm happy to send an invoice to show work completed and price.. Sometimes this is handy for those clients paying for another's feces cleanup service.

Over 90% of my thesis cleanup clients prefer to use email, but I know not everybody uses email and that's okay. In such cases I just take down the name and address and time and show up as expected.

What I Include in Riverside County Feces Cleanup Services-

  • Guarantee Price
  • Guarantee Work
  • Remove fecal matter
  • Scour - scrub and rinse soiled areas
  • Disinfect soiled areas
  • Apply Murphy's wood soap to wood soiled surfaces

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Feces cleanup requires the application of water and cleaning chemicals, planning solutions.

Cleaning solutions: Professional cleaners know that water serves as the first planning solution because it begins to emulsify feces, either wet or dry. To increase waters emulsification of fecal matter, restarting chemicals like Pine-Sol, Simple Green, and Zep citrus cleaner help to increase emulsification of feces and thereby increase the rate of feces cleanup. Most Riverside County stores carry these.

Pine-Sol and Simple Green both have the added benefits of serving as disinfectants. Pine-Sol has turpentine in it, which is a fragrance behind and you can easily pick up this fragrance is cleaning occurs and even after cleaning. You can tell Simple Greens' disinfecting power by spreading a light mist of Simple Green over ants on a nonporous surface. They either die instantly, crawl for cover, or run away if not contaminated by this disinfecting cleaner.

I use Murphy's wood soap, and natural stone cleaners to.

Household Bleach and rubbing alcohol (70%) serve as general disinfectants. I use Clorox bleach because it has a higher concentration of corrosive bleach agents bedrock up its corrosive emails, it's alkalinity, but .5 on the pH scale. .5, one half, may not seem like much 12.5 over 12.0 for the next brand of household bleach, but on the pH scale, .5 equals 500 times more the power increase. So it's worth my time and money to go ahead and spend more on a more powerful bleach is a general disinfectant for feces cleanup. Of course you'll find bleach at any large Riverside County store.

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I use rubbing alcohol use on my hands, arms, shoes, your light switches, your door handles and around and other items that may be touched by the human hand. I use a good deal of rubbing alcohol in bathrooms on my way out of the house. Likewise, I use rubbing alcohol on doorknobs on my way out of your dwelling or business. Rubbing alcohol has the value of killing germs almost instantly, wide use in the medical industry, and it evaporates rather quickly. Plus, it's usually found as all my other chemicals at your Riverside County Target.

Price Considerations

Each time I involve myself in work, I open myself to a variety of liabilities as well is expenses. Below I list issues that arise and I call these "considerations."

  • How far to the work place?
  • What sort of parking will I find?
  • What time can I begin work?
  • Will I have electricity and running water?
  • Will pets be on the premises?
  • Will have plenty of room to work in?
  • Will backyard be available?
  • Willie ladder be required?
  • Will I be required to go under a house or the type of structure?
  • What sort of security will I have or not have?


I used 4 x 8, green scrubbing pads; abrasive, black, 18 inch in diameter floor pads; 18 inch in diameter, regular floor scrubbing pads, and I use extension poles. Beside heavy-duty push brooms for scrubbing, I use nylon scrubbing brooms on extensions. I also use sharp floor scrapers.

I include microfiber towels and cotton towels as tools. Some of these are brand-new and some of them are recycled after a heavy cleaning and bleaching.


  • Fogger (as needed)
  • Hand dryer (as needed)
  • Rotovac floor scrubber
  • Powerflite floor scrubber
  • Fans (as needed)

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Any type of infectious waste cleanup that includes human feces, garbage, raw sewage, as well as germs from other animals carry dangerous viruses and bacteria. Human feces as 6000 known viruses. I say "known viruses" because the almost daily, human viruses changes almost overnight. Some of us have developed a resistance to these viruses over times, but they do change.

Just the same, because viruses change in the quickly, someone who's in the infectious waste cleanup business takes certain risks.

Risks include bacteria as well. Most often, the longer human feces or their pets feces remains down on the floor and other services for any length of time, bacteria have have a secure niche in which to breathe and grow. Different types of molds will find habitat near and under human feces given the humidity in rooms and time of year. Riverside County's wet months pay testimony to this.

Of course during the winter, bacteria and molds as well as grow more slowly than in the warmer months. Just the same, those of us in the feces cleanup business become ill from infectious waste cleanup.

For those professional cleaners like myself who have done all sorts of infectious waste cleanup in many types of environments in a wide variety of conditions, at least a few trips to the hospital came with the job. Then there's those illnesses, some of which that we do not experience until days or even weeks after the infectious waste cleanup. These take their toll and put us out of work.

Then there's the respiratory illnesses that we face from not only viruses and bacteria, but from bleach and other types of corrosive disinfectant. As a result of these risk, I only use bleach as my more general and most corrosive disinfectant. Just the same, it takes its toll on my lungs and I must spend time recuperating after a Riverside County infectious waste cleanup. There are times when I have had to sleep sitting up two weeks following a large feces cleanup job. That's the price we pay for the Riverside County feces cleanup business.


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