Orange County Professional feces Cleanup Narrative

Orange County feces cleanup needs find my professional feces cleanup services for human feces cleanup, dog, cat, mouse, rat, and more. I charge less than most my competitors, if not all of them.


My cleaning services remain available every day. Call at any time for professional feces cleanup. I'm Eddie Evans and I've been in the infectious waste business for 16 years.


  • $250 service charge


Besides Orange County and other areas in Orange County, I go just about anywhere when there's enough money to justify the travel. I've worked at biohazard cleanup 24 states over the last 16 years. Of course, I have not traveled to 24 states for feces cleanup. Mostly, suicides and unattended death cleanup services were completed.

I have done fedes cleanup as fare as Fresno, California and as fare south as Mesa, Arizona. Generally though, homicides, suicides, and unattended death cleanup has taken up the majority of my cleaning time.

The difference between a "biohazard cleanup" and "feces cleanup" is involves blood. Biohazard cleanup involves human blood and human tissues and fluids, other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). Because feces generally does not have human blood in it, it's considered an "infectious waste cleanup" activity. So feces does not qualify as a biohazard unless it has human blood in it.

Again, human blood in human feces turns infectious waste cleanup into a biohazard cleanup job instantly. But, I usually ignore the blood in a feces cleanup, with some exceptions that I need not mention here.

Orange County feces Cleanup

Here's what I offer Orange County Residents and Businesses:

  • A guarantee for my work, which means I return if asked..
  • A guarantee for my fee, which means I stick to what I quote on the telephone.
  • A quick inspection of the area to be cleaned.
  • A bathroom cleanup when needed, which is where I usually begin.
  • A scrub and rinse of feces contaminated floors.
  • A scrub and rinse of contaminated walls and appliances
  • A thorough disinfection of once feces contaminated areas and surfaces.

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Professional Cleaning Equipment

I use professional cleaning equipment like the Rotovac floor scrubber and the PowerFlite floor scrubber. These pieces of equipment find years I'm on janitorial services in both the public sector and private sector for floor scrubbing and carpet scrubbing.

I use a professional fogger to disperse disinfectants over wide areas as well as dispersing cleaning solutions over wide areas for dwell time. I use long handled tools for scraping nonporous surfaces.

Cleaning Chemicals

For feces cleanup I use the best over-the-counter cleaning products found at your local Orange County hardware store. Among these cleaning products I use Pine-Sol, Simple Green, and Zep Citrus Cleaner. Pine-Sol has wide use in the military as well as private public sector cleaning projects. Pine-Sol has turpentine in it, which works as a disinfectant over wide areas. It also causes emotional activity in feces, giving the feces a softer adhesion to objects and surfaces upon which it sticks.

Simple green also works as a disinfectant as well as a grease cutting cleaning solution. Zep Citrus Cleaner works especially well on services requiring grease cutting. I often use it on stoves and refrigerators that it's been heavily soiled by human and animal grease.



I use Clorox household bleach for my most general disinfectant. I choose Clorox over other household bleach is because it has at .5 pH level above its competitors brands. Although .5 pH may not sound like a lot, it amounts to a lot on the pH still. In fact it amounts to about 500 times the power of the next leading household bleach. My feces cleanup business is taught me to use the best bleach I can find because combating the many viruses and bacteria in human feces cleanup calls for thrill disinfection of wide area spaces.

I also use rubbing alcohol available at Orange County Target stores. I find rubbing alcohol works well on my own hands and arms as well as my shoes during cleaning and after cleaning. I use rubbing alcohol on light switches and door handles. As I leave the workspace following the feces cleanup I use rubbing alcohol on doorknobs and other surfaces that I and anyone else may have touched. This includes the front door handle. In this way I hope to do as much as humanly possible to disinfect the feces contamination of homes and businesses. Of course, it's important that any residents or other occupiers of the building during feces cleanup do not smoke or otherwise light a flame.

I also use rubbing alcohol as a second disinfectant in the bathroom on surfaces like toilet handles and toilet seats. The beauty of rubbing alcohol use is that it evaporates quickly without leaving a residue. I find that rubbing alcohol on surfaces satisfies my cleaning needs and disinfection needs for my clients.

I do not use exotic disinfectants that some Orange County biohazard cleanup companies use because these disinfectants cannot be found a local store shelves. I want my feces cleanup clients to know that anything I use is safe, or at least it's deemed safe by its manufacturer and can be found easily local Orange County store shelves.

As mentioned above, the cleaning solutions I use also have disinfectant powers. But there's only one way to truly begin disinfecting a feces soiled environment. And that's to remove the feces. Once the feces has been removed, the area can be disinfected. Plus, odors begin to diminish.

However, I make a point of disinfecting as I work as well as before I even began working. It's important to me to use a wide-area fogger at times. I use a disinfecting chemical consisting of hydrogen peroxide for my own peace of mind; this way I help reduce airborne dust and other matter before I begin work. I do not always fog environment, though. When doing a Orange County hoarding cleanup with feces cleanup, I fog./

Elsewhere on my website you will find more information about Orange County feces cleanup services. I also write about how I entered the feces cleanup business as a professional cleaner.


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