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I offer Los Angeles County's cities a $250 feces cleanup service charge and it comes with up to one hour of labor. After one hour my hourly rates kick in. Most often I try to get the job done in less than an hour; this is not the type of work that one prolongs. Also, should I complet the feces cleanup task in minutes, my service charge remains $250. I do not give discounts because the task took a shorter period of time.

My hourly rate depands on certain conditions, and what I write here may not reflect what I decide to charge at a later date; the free market and my current intentions help determine my cleaing prices. Below I list what I clean and what my prices look like at this moment:

What I Clean

General Feces Cleanup: one time occurrences, repeated occurrences, illness, loss of control, mental illness, homless, squatters, dogs, cats, rats, mice, birds, wild nature

  1. indoors and outdoors
  2. toilet cleanout
  3. bathtub cleanup
  4. 5 gallon pail cleanout and/or complete disposal

1. Most indoor, Los Angeles poop cleanup tasks occur after someone has experienced in accidental bowel movement following an illness or during an illness. Some people have an illness from an ongoing medical condition and they will need more than one occurrence removed from the premises.
On occasion a house will be vacated by a family member who has passed away and has no relatives; the house then goes in the probate for up to a year. During this time Los Angeles probate courts determine what to do with the property. On some occasions when somebody passes away their relatives that it outside of Los Angeles or even outside of California.

They call for my cleaning service because there newly acquired house was invaded by the homeless or squatters. Because the water and electricity was turned off in the house, they still make use of the toilet even though the toilets may not flush. Before long the toilet feels and these invaders begin the using 5 gallon pails.

At time a real estate agent or property manager will call for feces cleanup for the same reasons given as in the above paragraphs. Most often I expect cash, but I will accept checked in some circumstances.

At other times an occupant may suffer from mental illness condition and no longer recognizes the advantage in flushing the toilet in a timely manner. Before long the toilet will no longer drain into the sanitary sewer. Once clogged, the responsible person continues using the toilet until it feels. At times a neighbor, a relative, or a social worker will intervene and call for my assistance. Sometimes a call comes much too late in the responsible party has fill buckets in the house and possibly even moved outdoors there toilet behavior. This sometimes happens in extreme hoarding situations.

Not only residential buildings become sites for feces cleanup. I have cleaned up after bird droppings in industrial sites. Here, the birds nest when industrial buildings are abandoned and windows are either left open or broken. The birds begin moving in, especially pigeons. Given time, Al's will soon move in to feed on the pigeons. So a lot of bird poop, feces, "guano," begins to build up. I've moved about 17,000 pounds 014 story industrial building Fresno County, California.

Outdoor feces cleanup

I received calls from property management companies as well as small businesses in need of feces cleanup from their sidewalks or near their entrance doors. San Diego County businesses probably call for my service more than any other county in Southern California. It may be that the hepatitis An epidemic now spreading to San Diego County has some part in increase calls from San Diego County businesses. I cannot say if the other counties in Southern California have greater services for the homeless to use further toilet needs.

Orange County rivals Los Angeles; San Bernardino County has fewer calls with at least 6 calls for every Ventura County call.

Normally an outdoor cleanup will not carry all that much risk in Los Angeles. But this changes with homeless encampments. Occasionally a business will call me for feces cleanup because the homeless have created a homeless encampment on their property. Most often I'm unable to do a "homeless camp cleanout" because local police departments have advised us legal liabilities. It turns out, and we cannot always remove property belonging to the homeless from private property grounds. To do so places the business in jeopardy of having to replace the removed property. I don't know if this situation is in the courts, on its way to the courts, or resolved. I just know that homeless encampments cannot be cleared without some legal jeopardy.

However, even though a homeless encampment cannot be removed, the feces can be removed. A homeless encampment feces cleanup task carries a number of risks with it that otherwise do not exist in other feces cleanup task. For one, I must deal with the homeless, and many times they are either abusing drugs and alcohol are suffering some sort of mental health illness.

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Toilet Cleanout

It toilet cleanout arises because the toilet pipe clogs from disposal of diapers, gross amounts of toilet paper, newspaper, and other objects. The toilet may also fail to flush because the responsible party simply failed to flush the toilet and when it became too heavily soiled by feces, it would not flush. One other condition arises in a toilet will not flush, and that is when the structure sanitary sewer is clogged somewhere between the main sewer line in the structure's sewer lines. Tree roots will do this as well as objects placed in the structure sewer line as above.

Most often a toilet cleanout cost $350. To clean out additional toilets in the same structure may result in a price reduction for the additional toilets.However, all bets are off when a toilet drainpipe becomes totally clogged. In this case, the feces must be removed from the premises either by myself for the responsible party. If I must remove the feces, I must properly store it and treated for movement on public streets. I must also dispose of it in a public landfill, none of which is cheap. It's also time-consuming and labor-intensive. It's hard to give a price without seeing what's going on. See my comments about conditions below.

What My Prices Look Like - At times I may ask the responsible party how much they're willing to pay when there is a large feces cleanup job they know will take more than one hour. You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars in any case.

  • $250 general feces cleanup with up to one hour labor including
  • $10-$900 and up for bathtub feces cleanup work cleanout
  • $25-$75 for 5 gallon pail feces removal (price depends on whether or not toilet) - - pail contents must be treated improperly disposed of in a landfill
  • $100-$200 for feces soiled carpet removal (Negotiable depending upon other services required
  • Hourly rates are hard to determine without seeing the site, and usually run between $40-$60 per hour
  • Large feces cleanup task will often require a flat fee and flat fees may run between 500 and $900 (negotiable depending on work and conditions)

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Conditions - - Conditions give value to the work I'm to complete as well as my time, expenses, and risks. For example, feces cleanup in a confined area will cost more in feces cleanup in a wide open space. It's the risk of going into a confined space that makes work harder and possibly dangerous.

  • Is there parking and if there is parking, how far from the worksite? This goes to the time required to reach the work scene itself with my tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions, and to the physical security of my vehicle and my personal safety.
  • Is there a working toilet that will flush?
  • Is there running water?
  • Is there electricity?
  • Is there a pet in the house?
  • Is there anyone in the house during work?
  • Is there a backyard?
  • Is work to take place on a second or third floor?
  • Is there clear access to the feces cleanup area?
  • Is there a preferred time to start work? (return)
  • Time of day for cleaning and distance to the work site have some influence over my prices; see my comments about cities and driving time.

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Los Angeles County Cities and Comments

San Pedro was once home to the friends known as Bob Long, Ruddy Davilla, and Bob Mile. They were best of friends and responsible for bringing ecological knowled to thousands of people. Their approch to ecological science would one day lead to a new understanding of humanity's role in its relations to wild nature and the environment in general.

Agoura Hills

Baldwin Park
Bell Gardens
Beverly Hills

Culver City
Diamond Bar

El Monte
El Segundo
Hawaiian Gardens
Hermosa Beach
Hidden Hills
Huntington Park

Hollywood feces cleanup opportunities do not match the vigor of this film center of the world.
La Cañada Flintridge
La Habra Heights
La Mirada
La Puente
La Verne
Lakewood, bedroom community located next to Cerritos, Lakewood became home to returning World War II veterans and became a model city for suburban development. In the early years of its suburban development, developers bragged that it had no cul-de-sacs, no dead-end streets. Today, cul-de-sacs are highly prized by home shoppers.
Lancaster A charter city north of the Los Angeles County, it's found in the oh antelope Valley. In the west of Mohave Desert it became part of a Twin City complex when it joined with Palmdale. The two together have civic control over the antelope Valley region as well as California's high Desert reputation. Some 70 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, it just barely remains within the Eddie Evans feces cleanup business reach. Some special charges may develop for special feces cleanup services because of cleaning conditions in the complex driving situation encountered.
Lawndale with a population of 33,000 as of the 2010 census, this growing city is in the South Bay region of the greater Los Angeles area. From the 1780s it was part of the Rancho Sausal Redondo land-grant. By 1905 Charles B. Hopper began to subdivide the area and named after his one-time Chicago neighborhood. He he did well moving West. He raise chickens in the area in the first railway to run through the city made its way to the Inglewood division of the Redondo railway. It would later become part of the Pacific electric "red card" system. It became a popular bedroom community after World War II as veterans returned from the second world war and new immigrants to the area moved in for life in the sun and jobs in the aircraft industry. Notably, the aircraft industry is well known for its humane restrooms for both women and men workers. Feces cleanup in their laboratory settings could not have been more scientifically constructed.

Known as the "little knoll" city, Lomita once belong to the Rancho San Pedro land-grant held by Juan José Domingos, a land-grant given to him by King Carlos the third of Spain in 1784. Only 1.9 mi.² of land comprises city because it was annexed over the years from its original 7 mi.². It has a semi arid climate. It's population of 11,000 people enjoy this climate year-round.

Long Beach was once home to Long Beach pipe, an amusement park opened in 1902. It was a fun place. Many people from England visited the park. It was a homeport call for many homesick sailors new to the West Coast. His strike that it was once named "walk of a thousand lights" but most people refer to it as "the Pike." It featured a bathhouse, two pavilions, a bandshell, and the first city supported municipal pan in the United States. It had a roller coaster in 1907 in a merry-go-round was added in 1911. The Pike will always stand as a testament to Southern California's a fun place to live and work. Feces cleanup for the public occurred in very large public restrooms. Hygiene was a concern in the city was noted for its tattoo parlors along Anaheim Boulevard as well as found in the Pike itself.
Los Angeles
Lynwood is home to St. Francis of hospital, the birthplace of our webmaster, Eddie Evans has not returned to the hospital since his birth.
Malibu has first ranking among the counties top beach cities as well as neighborhoods throughout the state. Located next to the 101 Highway, and occasional boulder stops traffic to and from the city.
Manhattan Beach is a fun city known as as a footprint on the Pacific coast south of El Segundo, north of Hermosa Beach, it is known as one of the three beach cities that make up the South Bay area. Miracles do high school is one of the cities top ranked high schools and is ranked among the 1% high schools nationally. A medium home price of $3 million gives the city its distinctive tax base. We don't find much of a homeless population to pollute its sidewalks so feces cleanup has no future in this city.

Then we have Maywood, located southeast of Los Angeles County, Maywood represents only 1.18 mi.² of the area. It is the third smallest incorporated area. Bordered by Bell on the south, burning on the north and west, Huntington Park on the southwest, and commerce on these, it is the most densely-populated city in California. It has the highest proportion of Latinos, immigrants, as well as undocumented persons in the entire county.

Monrovia is near the San Gabriel Mountain foothills, has a population of 38,000. It is a big time TV show city and has a footprint in the movies and commercial industry.

Monterey Park is a hillside city some 7 miles from downtown. It has a motto, "pride in the past, faith in the future) and stands as one of a half-dozen nearby cities that include Alhambra, Arcadia, Temple City, Rosemead, San Marino, and San Gabriel. It has a fast-growing Asian population that make up 67% of its total members. Generally of Chinese descent, they represent the largest Chinese-American community in the area.

An independent city East of the San Gabriel River near Santa Fe Springs and Cerritos, Norwalk was renamed in 1877 by the Southern Pacific railroad. At the turn-of-the-century, 19th to 20th century, much of Norwalk consisted of a Gary and sugar-beat farm community. Residential development came with the end of World War II as it did in many cities. When incorporated in 1957, Norwalk was the fifth largest city in the Los Angeles County area. With a lingering taste of the old lifestyle we find Hartigan house, in 1891 Queen Ann home. By 1990 its population had reached 95,000.

North Los Angeles is a district in the Eastern San Fernando Valley. It's 10 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles and it has undergone several name changes. Before being established and subdivided in 1888, it was known as Toluca Lake and later as Toluca. Because of the small body of water bordering the Los Angeles River the term "Lake" seem to serve it for some time.

Palmdale As a number of palm trees, but only the Washington palm is a true native. A gateway city to the antelope Valley, 47 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, you can see how I'm I charge more for doing feces cleanup job in this fine city. As of this moment, I do not have an increased service charge because of the driving distance. However, this could change the way traffic congestion is going.
Palos Verdes Estates City incorporated some 27 miles south west of downtown Los Angeles on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. It overlooks the ocean from Malagago. And it translates to "green trees," and "green sticks." It's derived from the defined deals Palos Verdes, a peaceful canyon of willows and grass near today's Harbor Lake. Not far from Pacific Coast Hwy. and Vermont avenues, it was once owned by the Sepulvada family after 1827. This exclusive family was quite wealthy, all will be did not have chambermaids to empty their chamber pots. They did have hired help to handle their feces cleanup needs. Early settlers found it is a great place to settle down and rest.
Paramount remained among Los Angeles County's unincorporated cities and is found 11 miles south of downtown Los Angeles. Between Los Angeles and Long Beach, created in 1948 by a merger of the cities of Hynes and Clearwater, the city was named after a man Boulevard at the urging of Frank Zamboni. Inland, we find
Pasadena San Gabriel Valley's principal city, it's located 10 miles east of downtown Los Angeles., It's hard-to-reach and just as hard as reaching Montebello. Nearby,
Pico Rivera has a strong Mexican-American heritage and was once known for its pacuco cultural icons. Incorporated in the San Gabriel Valley and 14 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, the name Rivera means "between two rivers". It lays between the Rio Hondo on the west in the San Gabriel River on the east. It is a location for the ancient Indian village of Awing-na.
Pomona becomes heavily congested in the December month toward the end as people began to ready for the New Year's parade. Unlike Rancho Palos Verdes' high income neighborhoods, Pomona now has a homeless population that increases my feces cleanup business.
Redondo Beach
Rolling Hills Estates
Rolling Hills

San Dimas
San Fernando

Santa Clarita
Santa Fe Springs
Santa Monica
Sierra Madre
Signal Hill
South Gate

Stevenson Ranch



Walnut Park
West Covina

Although Whittier Now suffers traffic congestion created by the 605 freeway in the five freeway, I still offer my feces cleanup service charges $250. I prefer to begin work early in the morning because just like Westlake Village West Hollywood, If I get an early start on this a good deal with the rush hour traffic.

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