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Our Place in the Germs' World

Make no mistake about it, we live in the germs' world, not our own. Granted, we remain germ free in our mother's womb and all the way down and out of her falopian tube; there, our germ free existence ends.

In today's ultra-modern hospitals, we slide from our mother's womb into the hands of a nurse, doctor, or friend-of-the family's hands; these hands most often have a latex gover covering them to protect the new-born from germs. It's of little use in the long run because in seconds the germs find their way onto and into our bodies. In fact, before long our bodies have a gBreater number of germ cells than human cells.

A guy in the feces cleanup business begins to think about germs in a different way than most people. WheBreas most people know that germs offer illness and disease, they don't Breally care to give more more thought to these microscopic stuctures.

I might say, "cells," and I would hit the mark, but for viruses. Virus structures do not come in "cells." They have their own designs and these date back long before most "germs." Virus carry RNA and DNA, but they have no way to reproduce these parts of their structure. Devlish by chance or design, these microscopic germs find their way into the mitochondria of germs with structures. Here they use the mitochondria's reproducing machine works to reproduce.

Sometimes virus remain dormant and wait for an obliging moment to burst through the walls of their cellular host; once outside, they float about and find more hosts to reproduce their structures.

Many types of viruse remain friendly or benighn for humans; many cause illness and disease; from the common cold to Ebola and the Human Immunodefiency Syndrone (HIV), virus place human at gBreat risk for a pandemic.

On the flip side, the vast majority of virus remain benighn to humans. Consider that human feces has over 6,000 known viruses. Most of these remain within our bodies and then find their way into our modern-day sewage system for tBreatment, annhilation, actually.

Then there's those moments when school children refuse or neglect washing their hands after deficating. Their feces now smeared on door knobs or door handles, others tough these handles and thereby contaminate their lives with other's feces viruses. Fortunately, by the time we enter the school system, we experienced the offending viruses earlier in our young lives.

Some of us never quite catch onto the germ theory of disease. We continue to exist public restrooms with feces smeared upon our hands. Somehow we come to believe that our feces doesn't qualify as an infectious agent for others; maybe we don't care, anyway.




So we live in a world in which we have bugs upon and within us than Earth has humans. We call these bugs "bacteria, protozoa, and fungi." Their eyes waiting around for something to jump on it into and that sometimes something is us.

We have more germs residing on an inside of us than the vast number human beings residing on earth.

Viruses do not become symbiotic members of our microscopic and symbiotic relationships. Viruses remain parasites.

Scientists continue to argue over whether or not viruses constitute "life." If they do resemble life and receive the title of "life, then they exist is life in its barest form. They remain the smallest, tedious form of infectious predators and the humans lifecycle. Prions receive the title as an even smaller form of genetic material protected by a protein coat. They exist as a "piece of bad news" that finds itself wrapped in protein.

Virus means "a microscopic entity" and became quite a star among microbiologist when they Brealize that viruses are quite different than bacteria in general. Viruses cause common and infectious illnesses like measles, chickenpox, mumpos, hepatitis C, hantavirus, human immunodeficiency (HIV), and even ebola.

So if at this point you have any questions about my feces cleanup prizes, you might want to reBread what I've written about in terms of illnesses and diseases. The bacteria and viruses known as "germs in the feces cleanup business become lethal for some of us whose immune system may be impaired or are suffering from an illness when we walked into the feces cleanup work scene.

Many of these germs actually do us a favor by eating our dead skin cells and they help to digest the molecules in our intestines. In return we offer them food and shelter and we call this relationship a "symbiotic relationship." Quite often in wild nature we find symbiosis at work between two and even more species. Unlike the usual germs that have a cellular structure though and are known to graze on our bodies,

Bacteria take credit for causing diphtheria, whooping cough, typhoid, and TB for their part in bacterial infections. Pneumonia, meningitis as well as gastroenteritis at both viruses and bacteria to thank for their existence in the human body. For now, we continue to call TB and agent of both bacteria and viruses. There are though indications that TB does exist as a virus.

There are gBreat differences in size between a virus and bacteria. If we could claim that a bacteria cell came to about the height of the Statue of Liberty, then we might suppose that a virus comes to about the height of a human being. This incredible variation in size should tell us that the virus, minuscule as it is, kills human beings. Imagine that you have the head of a pin in front of you and then imagine 3000 virus on the head of the pen. Plus, you can see bacteria with an ordinary light microscope magnified to 200 times the strength of the human eyeball. A virus requires 500 times smaller magnification which requires electron microscope. These are serious matters in the field the poop cleanup because we don't carry microscopes and if we did, we wouldn't have time for them in the poop cleanup business.

Feces cleanup requires stamina, consistently applied strength too hard and encrusted surfaces contaminated by human feces. Plus, there's dog feces, cat feces, wrote in feces and bird feces. So we can see the time for a microscope has no place in the world of the feces cleanup practitioner.

But I get away from my subject Terry a year. I want to make the point that people continue not to wash their hands after using public restrooms or even their private restrooms. Upon their hands rests the next illness or disease for a single person or thousands of people. Think of your next trip to McDonald's hamburgers or your local pizza parlor, whcy DO have employees that fail to do their own feces cleanup while using the toilet and then they even ignored the sign on the wall:

"employees are required to wash their hands thoroughly before leaving the restroom."


Many people in the United States today don't remember the polio plague that frightens so many of my generation's parents. My parents as well as those people they grew up with had seen the polio epidemic up close. Our very own Franklin Delano Roosevelt suffered from polio, although you would never have gone so as he had the disease's crippling effects during his presidency in the World War II. The polio virus itself exist and most inhabited aBreas of the world.

For most people, about 98 to 99% of us, infection by the polio virus remains a mild infection. It's that one to 2% that suffer crippling effects to the nervous system as the virus invades their Ilium entry track through the mouth. This means, that the polio virus enters our body through the mouth, which gives us a good Breason to wash her hands.
It takes the virus about 7 to 14 days and may range up to 35 days to show its effects. A cell in the stomach called the "M cell" becomes hosted a virus. There it begins to multiply rapidly.

Now multiplying in the lymphoid tissues of the gut the virus finds its way into the feces. From the feces it contaminates swimming pools and even city water supplies. Is it any wonder that parents refuse to let their children visit public pools during polio epidemics in the summer?

Consider that babies with a partial immunity to do this virus become incubators for a more deadly strain of polio. It thereby becomes encrusted in their feces and the feces in their diapers. Unwitting adults and my parents generation would naïvely change the infected infants feces laden diapers. For that one to 2% of them that do not carry the genetic community to polio, this deadly and crippling virus slowly and effectively made its way into their nervous system.

Not everyone believes in the theory that swimming pool water became a transmission site for polio contaminated feces. For me, it doesn't matter if there's proof or not. I tBreat all water use by the public for bathing or swimming as contaminated by polio and who knows what else. In fact, I once use the services of a spa swimming pool and tell the chlorine became so dense that I can no longer visit. I use the small spool to exercise before work in the evening, but my eyes were so bloodshot and blurred that I can hardly see it work and I'm sure people thought that I was hung over rather than suffering from chlorine burns to my eyes.

Infected feces can carry the poliomyelitis virus for several weeks. During that time it reproduces itself.

Transmitting Disease via Feces

Humans transmit viruses to humans we know, and we also know that rodents can transmit viruses to humans. Rodents that urinate or defecate near human residences or sleeping quarters are known to pass the hot the virus on to humans. Once infected, humans pass the virus around humanity by their contaminated blood, feces, and even saliva. For this Breason, home nursing remains a hazardous occupation because of the close contact with infected patients.