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Human - Dogs - Cats - Mice - Rats - Birds


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Human feces has over 6000 known viruses and its contents. The 6000 viruses has no comparison to the many millions of bacteria contained in human feces. It vaires by species of bacteria feces. We need to keep this in mind whenever involved in feces cleanup because these microorganisms, germs, create illness, disease, and death.

For example an Alzheimer's-like
disease known to attack internal organs of felines like the cheetah spread dangerous diseases in their feces. These diseases are cross feces related may end up in mice. They can end up in mice, they can end up in humans.

According to a scientific American article, cheetah are likely to become extinct sometime in the future of the next few human generations. Is roughly 12,000 to 15,000 cheetah today numbered in 25 countries. This is staggering when we consider that 44 countries had some type of cheetah population as recently as 1900.

We find a link between inbreeding and the spreading of fecal related diseases among felines. A fecal protein transmits the disease in mice. So whenever doing mice feces cleanup we must be careful. Fecal proteins can linger in the soil and become easily transmitted to the felines for. As these cats groom one another they pass their deadly disease between one another. In this way cats do their own feces cleanup by licking one another's fur, but at risk to their lives.

Global Warming and Feces Cleanup

Global warming will definitely play a major part in the nature of feces cleanup worldwide. For the present, I don't see a big change in feces cleanup activities for the United States. In Third World countries around the globe I suspect that feces cleanup as become more like it's historical nature. That is to say, in the past feces cleanup man using human feces for fertilizer. With drought conditions of becomes all that more important to in in enrich soil however possible. Water retention is extremely important.

For the United States we will find feces cleanup taking on a similar character to that in the past as found throughout the development of civilization. We still find the use of honeypots and places like North and South Korea, China, India, and other Third World nations. Although the number of Third World nations will increase as failed states keep some semblance of nationhood, they will more than likely become regional confederations of one sort or another. I can perceive the transfer of human feces between regions as a becomes a commodity and capitalism fails on the corporate state model.There's no way around the failure of capitalism in general because the corporate state will not be able to sustain itself. Why so?

It is the nature of capitalism that it must grow or die. There is no way around it. Capital's failure to reproduce itself an ever-growing quantities leads to its failure, business and corporate failures that is.Which is not possible so long as humanity needs to have some sort of monetary exchange present. What will occur will occur on local levels in many cases. Perhaps at the community level and regional level will find capital controlled by local populations if not local oligarchs. A as in the political process is been turned over to news media control agents in the employ of oligarchs.



See my feces cleanup narrative for more about feces cleanup by governments. There's more on my other Los Angeles County pages. I also have page for Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County. I have an Orange County narrative too. Check out Ventura County too.





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Feces Cleanup Fees

I have a $250 service charge which includes the first hour of labor. This service charge fee is negotiable depending on time a week and other conditions.

My price is very because I am very much in tune with the demands of free enterprise, I must keep my prices and check with the demands for my service while covering my cost of operations and profit margin. Considerations involved with these demands of the marketplace include the following:

  • size of job
  • vehicle expenses
  • distance to worksite
  • time of day
  • insurance
  • tools
  • equipment
  • chemicals
  • working conditions which includes the presence of water, electricity, sanitary sewer, or the lack of any one of these or all of these public utilities on anyone feces cleanup worksite.


I need to remind myself of this fact when I get into a hurry and try to cut corners while cleaning.