Feces Cleanup Narrative


  • Feces cleanup and blood cleanup from a distance works best, and its cleaner, safer.
  • Beware of using too much bleach because it will burn your lungs and eyes, but use enough to do the job. Leave doors open, vents open, and windows open if possible.
  • Know that you will not slip on the floor.
  • Never put down more water and cleaning solution than you know you can either control or extract quickly.
  • When using plastic trash bags, buy the best from Home Depot. You don't want leaks or tears.
  • Here are three cleaning aids. The black scrub pad is a "floor" pad used on buffing machines to strip wax and soil from floors. Sometimes you can pull it apart into usable pieces. Sometimes you will need to cut it with a cutter, scissors, or something to beginning ripping it. For about $9, you can make 3, 4, 5, and even more aggressive scrub pads.

Here you will find a picture of a black scrub pad and can of Resolve. Both were bought at the Home Depot. Black pads are available at Home Depots with rental sections. (Ask for the scrub pads while in the Home Depot with rental section). Spray Resolve on the soiled matter, let dwell five minutes if you can, and then test by lightly scrubbing or shoveling off the floor or other surfaces. You can use the shovel or other distancing object to move the pad, paper towels, or whatever. Keep you distance if you can. There's no good reason to clean on your hands-and-knees.


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If you have one, place the sharp, bottom edge upon the center of your scrub material, black pad material if not the entire pad. You can use one-fifth or less of the black pad to test with this shovel. Slowly move the shovel on the pad back and forth voer the matter. See what it will do. On ceramic tile you might begin a little bit on the agressive side. On nice wood floors, avoid using black pad material until you know more about it.

You can used the shove on a wood floor very lightly after letting your cleaning solution, Murphy's Oil for wood or the Resolve foam. Use a less agressive scrub pad if you can afford more than one pad. White pads are probably too little, brown pads ("hogs hairA} are one step down from black pads, and still agressive. Always test first.































A used flat-nose shovel works great, especially if its edge became sharp with use. I've used the same one for nearly twnety years, and I found it on a freeway offramp. Also, the handle can be cut so that it will work in tight places, but then you will need to bend or buy another one. So, one for standing upright and one for bending gets the job more cleaning, more easily. Feces cleanup from a distance is key.






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